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Yan Slide!

6' JumpYan Yan In The Middle Under The Tree He's Off He's Off 2 Forest Light AIR 9 Lights Go!

4 thoughts on “Yan Slide!

  1. These are really unique and creative Martin! I’ve never seen light painting used like this! My son lives in CO and ‘rides’. He’d really like these too.

    1. Thankyou very much 🙂 I had a great time taking these pics. My friend asked me to come over to snap some pics of the work that he has been doing for his snowboarding. I thought the best way to show all his work was to light paint at night. I have a couple other series I will be putting out in the near future. I have so many fun ideas I want to put out there.
      Thankyou again for comment, that’s pure motivation for me 😉

  2. Incredible! How did you not get your breath in the photos?

    1. Hello and how are you?
      Thankyou sooo much. I had alot of fun doing this shoot. Actually have a summer shoot planned ere doing close to the same thing but with many people going to help holding lights and running through the forest. It was tricky with dong this shoot in the winter, your the first person to ask me about my breath.. I held my breath for a bit in every shot. I was breathing almost how a swimmer would. Hold my breath snap a pic , turn away or around and release my air quickly and take a deep breath again.. at minus 25 that night keeping my camera warm and breath away was, I’d say was a fun time 😉
      thanks for asking ..Martin Diotte

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