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Our Lady Of Perpetual Techno.

This painting that I finished was created and designed with only the thoughts and sounds of Belgians #1-Dj/producer Charlotte De Witte. I have been listening to her unique captivating deep techno sound for a couple years now and loving it. Now and finally first time in Canada playing and she is coming to Montreal @Piknic Electronik Sept 3. I am very looking forward to hear her play live for the first time, dance and hopefully get a chance to meet her in person.
From one artist to another I am so proud and very happy that this painting was inspired by only Charlotte’s sounds when I was in my groove painting. It turned out amazing and if you look closely there are many hidden phrases, names and definitions. I also finished the painting by using a strip of audio tape from an old school cassette tape and sealing it with a indi-glow resin.
Viva La Techno – Thankyou also to the ‘Queen of Techno’ 🙌 keep doing what you do and hope to meet you in Montreal 🙂
Thank you friends for the support and check-out her music if you ❤️Techno! Get inspired & create 👍

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Our Tale

My name is Martin Diotte and I am a full time artist who lives in the National Capital Region of Canada. This unique painting, named “Our House” was created while listening to the music group “Tale Of Us” from Berlin. They have an awesome formula for mixing and producing techno. I must have listened to their 1 hour set at least 12 times while creating. Their deep and smooth melodic sounds inspired this beautiful iridescent mixed media copper painting. Thank you Karm and Matteo for creating awesome music and sets for us to enjoy! I would love to collaborate and create one of your future album art cover releases.Looking forward to hearing you live and meeting you guys some day soon 🙂 Create everyday!