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A beautiful photo I took from a hike from El Nicho, in Cuba. Printed on canvas and mounted on a reclaimed /recycled kitchen door. Size of this piece is 25″ by 30″. One of a kind art!!
Thanks for the support friends 😊

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I beautiful photo of a giant tree that I took while on many hikes in Cuba. Printed on canvas and I then mounted it to a recycled/reclaimed kitchen door. Thank you for the support friends!
One of a kind art 🙂

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A painting I created inspired by another piece that I named “Nathan”. This piece is very symbolic to me in a few ways… what do you feel from it and see? 
Thanks for the support friends..
Martin Diotte – Creative Artist

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For My Father

It’s not to often my father wears a necklace around his neck. But a year ago I made him a simple Oak pendant. He loved it and never took it off. This pendant is symbolic to my father as a master carpenter,  a strong man with strong & hardwood. 
This pendant that I posted is a new one for him, made out of Walnut wood . The 2 drilled holes have been wood burnt and this time symbolize his 2 sons.. Top one is older son/brother and second one is younger son/brother. 
Love you POP xo

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Dark Days

A photo that I took from a cemetery on my travels. Printed on canvas and framed in its own unique wooden frame that I found to match. The clouds were also very heavy and dark that day and I was lucky to stumble upon this place and  felt blessed to capture this image. One of a kind!!