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Purple T-Shirt with my Baby-Blue “3Tree” Image.

I just love how this men’s t-shirt turned out that I designed! Such a beautiful and soft contrast with the the deep purple t-shirt and baby-blue image on the back of my painted “3Tree”
Available in all men’s sizes!
Thanks for the support friends 😊

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Hoodie “3 Trees Pink”

A beautiful Sapphire hire Blue Hoodie with my “3Trees” Image on the back. The contrast of these 2 colors sapphire blue and pink are perfect for this hoodie. Looks amazing and available in all sizes.
Thanks for the support and love friends.

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Oh Deer!

I love how this piece turned out. I think I’m going to create an animal series with the same concept, but changing a little every piece.
This painting is sized at 24″ by 24″ with a custom aluminum frame.. One Of A Kind Art 😉
Thank you for the support friends. This is also for sale like all my creations.

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Little Blue Shoes

I love the simplicity of this photo that I took of these old little blue shoes with character. Sometimes keeping a shoot very simple … is most of the time.. the perfect and best photo.
Thank you for the support friends 😊

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Iridescent Reflections

A beautiful painting on hemlock wood . This was a custom piece created with colours in mind for my cousins living room. They will love it!! Now to deliver and hang this piece in its new home.
Thanks for the support friends 😊

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Deep Hues

A beautiful painting that I created using a small trowel and a few colours with various shades of them. After I custom created and cut the aluminum frame. Put it together and my final touch was to pour a beautiful glass like resin top finish.
Thank you for the support friends 🙂

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A painting I created inspired by another piece that I named “Nathan”. This piece is very symbolic to me in a few ways… what do you feel from it and see? 
Thanks for the support friends..
Martin Diotte – Creative Artist

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Youth On A String 

A painting that I created and inspired by another piece that I photographed named “Nathan”.  This piece “Youth On A String” was created by using copper, pastels, paints, and resin. I love the colours and how it all turned out when I completed this piece 🙂