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Deep Hues

A beautiful painting that I created using a small trowel and a few colours with various shades of them. After I custom created and cut the aluminum frame. Put it together and my final touch was to pour a beautiful glass like resin top finish.
Thank you for the support friends 🙂

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A painting I created inspired by another piece that I named “Nathan”. This piece is very symbolic to me in a few ways… what do you feel from it and see? 
Thanks for the support friends..
Martin Diotte – Creative Artist

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Copper Sunset 

A piece I created on recycled glass. I then mounted it on a iridescent painted pine board with handmade copper brackets. Beautiful piece.  One Of A Kind Art!!
Thanks for the support ☺️

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Copper Viola

Created on a recycled kitchen door using paints, copper and resin. I love how these black flowers turned out with a beautiful iridescent shine. Thanks for the support friends 🙂 

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Copper Horizon

A beautiful painting that I created using  copper and pyrite (fools gold) stone. It’s 60″ wide, well textured and has a beautiful iridescent shine under a thick resin coat on bottom half of the painting. 
Thanks for the support 😉