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Welcome To The World

I loved creating this painting with things and items that I find around my studio. Painted on reclaimed wood panel. I painted a few similar to this one making a series of these beautiful paintings. The colors are soft with a awesome iridescent shine over the painting of floating clouds with trees.
Size of paining – 18″ high by 57″ wide. Finished with a thick high gloss resin.
One of a kind Art! Thank you for the support friends 😊

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Iridescent Reflections

A beautiful painting on hemlock wood . This was a custom piece created with colours in mind for my cousins living room. They will love it!! Now to deliver and hang this piece in its new home.
Thanks for the support friends 😊

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Rose Pine

A beautiful textured painting that I created with multiple layering and with little glimpses of other colours in behind. It’s a nice size at 60″ high by 24″ wide. I love this piece with my added turquoise trees on bottom right, I think I may make a series of these.
Thanks for the support friends 🙂

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Deep Hues

A beautiful painting that I created using a small trowel and a few colours with various shades of them. After I custom created and cut the aluminum frame. Put it together and my final touch was to pour a beautiful glass like resin top finish.
Thank you for the support friends 🙂

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A painting I created inspired by another piece that I named “Nathan”. This piece is very symbolic to me in a few ways… what do you feel from it and see? 
Thanks for the support friends..
Martin Diotte – Creative Artist

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Copper Sunset 

A piece I created on recycled glass. I then mounted it on a iridescent painted pine board with handmade copper brackets. Beautiful piece.  One Of A Kind Art!!
Thanks for the support ☺️

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A painting that I did for a good friend when she lost her little bird. I took care of this little one a couple times and had got inspired by watching and chatting with them at times. So cute and so precious 🙂
Painted on a wooden panel for this little bird and I also used copper to shape the outline. I then added resin to seal the iridescent shine and a smooth coat of natural bees wax on the wood to protect it 🙂

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Copper Viola

Created on a recycled kitchen door using paints, copper and resin. I love how these black flowers turned out with a beautiful iridescent shine. Thanks for the support friends 🙂