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A painting I created as a gift….for a beautiful family and great friend that has and still is helping me through a rough path in my life.
Pain is temporary and emotions will pass.. but love is all around us. Focus on love, let go of the pain but don’t forget! Because this is all how we gain to be better. I am grateful and blessed for this family in my life. 💜

Painted on a reclaimed white high-gloss kitchen door . One of a kind Art.
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I created this pendant by hand. Starting with hammering a piece of copper to the shape I liked and then I Painting a simple and beautiful poppy over the turquoise painted layer.
The month of November is the month of remembering and not forgetting… so that we don’t repeat history.
Thank you to all those who served and still serve our country and for all the veterans in the past and present..
Thank you

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Oh Deer!

I love how this piece turned out. I think I’m going to create an animal series with the same concept, but changing a little every piece.
This painting is sized at 24″ by 24″ with a custom aluminum frame.. One Of A Kind Art 😉
Thank you for the support friends. This is also for sale like all my creations.

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Our Lady Of Perpetual Techno.

This painting that I finished was created and designed with only the thoughts and sounds of Belgians #1-Dj/producer Charlotte De Witte. I have been listening to her unique captivating deep techno sound for a couple years now and loving it. Now and finally first time in Canada playing and she is coming to Montreal @Piknic Electronik Sept 3. I am very looking forward to hear her play live for the first time, dance and hopefully get a chance to meet her in person.
From one artist to another I am so proud and very happy that this painting was inspired by only Charlotte’s sounds when I was in my groove painting. It turned out amazing and if you look closely there are many hidden phrases, names and definitions. I also finished the painting by using a strip of audio tape from an old school cassette tape and sealing it with a indi-glow resin.
Viva La Techno – Thankyou also to the ‘Queen of Techno’ 🙌 keep doing what you do and hope to meet you in Montreal 🙂
Thank you friends for the support and check-out her music if you ❤️Techno! Get inspired & create 👍

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Printed Racerback Top: Our lightweight printed racerback top effortlessly blends style, comfort, and performance. Ideal for daily yoga sessions, weekend getaways, or lazy day lounge-wear, this top is perfect for layering with all your wardrobe favorites. Hand-cut and made in USA (or Latvia depend…
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I love how this owl turned out on the Hemlock. This piece is all about reclaiming, recycling and reusing. Keeping it simple and it looks beautiful. A piece of Mika was used for the nose 🙂
I created this piece for my amazing wife…. a little surprise..xoxo. One of a kind art for my love.

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A painting I created and named Dream•land. I love the softness of colours I used in this painting. Along with the texture that helps create this piece of trees growing from clouds of sand-script writing.
Size of painting – 18 inch wide by 36 inch high.
Thankyou for the support friends 😊