Our Lady Of Perpetual Techno.

This painting that I finished was created and designed with only the thoughts and sounds of Belgians #1-Dj/producer Charlotte De Witte. I have been listening to her unique captivating deep techno sound for a couple years now and loving it. Now and finally first time in Canada playing and she is coming to Montreal @Piknic Electronik Sept 3. I am very looking forward to hear her play live for the first time, dance and hopefully get a chance to meet her in person.

From one artist to another I am so proud and very happy that this painting was inspired by only Charlotte’s sounds when I was in my groove painting. It turned out amazing and if you look closely there are many hidden phrases, names and definitions. I also finished the painting by using a strip of audio tape from an old school cassette tape and sealing it with a indi-glow resin.

Viva La Techno – Thankyou also to the ‘Queen of Techno’ 🙌 keep doing what you do and hope to meet you in Montreal 🙂

Thank you friends for the support and check-out her music if you ❤️Techno! Get inspired & create 👍

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