24kt. Sun in a Fools Paradise 

I created this beautiful painting on a recycled kitchen panel and using real 24 kt Gold leaf for the Sun as the finish.  I also used the stone “Pyrite” (aka fools gold), crushing it and placing it under the tree line and above the copper line going horizontal across the painting. Pyrite is a unique protector drawing energy from the earth and creating a defensive shield against negative energies! I found this interesting and wanted to use this energy in my painting in creating it. 

Creating this One of a Kind piece has also allowed me to paint something beautiful that symbolizes of few things that I see and noticed while working on it. I think the use of the minerals and others will be a bit more frequent in my future pieces.

When this painting I only listened to the amazing and beautiful music sets from “Jan Blomqvist”.  Thankyou for the inspirational sets.. from one artist to another 🙂 

Now hanging and for sale at Divino Modern restaurant in nations capital Ottawa, Canada.

Thank you for the support friends 😊

Martin Diotte Creative 

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