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Cotton Candy Sky

This beautiful piece has great iridescent shines and colours. I am so pleased on how it turned out. The size of this wooden hemlock is 22″ by 62″. I also added my touch of hammered out copper flowers this time.  Thanks for the support and stopping by my page 🙂 

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Stark Contrast

One of my paintings from my Black & White Series. Painted on a canvas that measures 18″ by 36″ with an 1.5″ deep profile. The bottom half of this painting has a thick clear coat of resin and I decided to leave the upper half without resin. The textures and cracks that I applied on this piece really helps it give and older, deeper, and darker feel. 
Thanks for checking out my page:) Have a good day! 

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This is one of my black & white photography portraits that I took of my beautiful wife. Then I decided to apply pastels to the portrait adding and extra touch of depth and soft colours. The paper that I printed on was from Epson , “ultra premium presentation paper matte.”
Considering this was my second attempt at doing this kind of portrait….. it turned out pretty good and I’m excited to do more 🙂 
Photographer and Artist making one portrait.