Take a Seat

Blue Chair Red wall Red Chair Old Chair Mint Chairs Blue Rocker

10 thoughts on “Take a Seat

    1. Thankyou Sir,

      I love this image. I was in Boca, Cuba, when I took this picture. I walked up and down many of the streets there and also meet some very beautiful people. They invited me into their homes for dinner and and showed me parts of their culture and played some of the local games with the kids on the street. It was awesome and a great blessing to have had that chance to do so :). Just recently I printed this on a 2by3′(foot) canvas. It looks amazing, it’s also for sale, but I do love it on my wall ;).
      Thanyou for liking my series, it’s great motivation!

    1. Very cool, I hope that you can go see Cuba, some time soon. I bet it’s a little hard to go since your a U.S citizen. If you go I can tell you I felt great there and very safe. I would have a few places to tell you to visit. It also helped me that my father is spending most of his retirement there, with a place near the beach he rents and he meets many cool and interesting people.

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