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A painting I created as a gift….for a beautiful family and great friend that has and still is helping me through a rough path in my life.
Pain is temporary and emotions will pass.. but love is all around us. Focus on love, let go of the pain but don’t forget! Because this is all how we gain to be better. I am grateful and blessed for this family in my life. 💜

Painted on a reclaimed white high-gloss kitchen door . One of a kind Art.
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Paradise Tree3

A beautiful photo of trees that I took. Printed on canvas and mounted on a refurbished kitchen door, now turned into a frame. One of a kind and for sale 🙂
Size – 18″ by 18″
Paradise a state of mind..
Thankyou for the support friends

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A beautiful photo that I took in he area of El Nicho, in Cuba. This is the only one printed on canvas like this and the size with frame is 28.5″ by 40″. For sale
Thank you for the support friends 😊

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Purple T-Shirt with my Baby-Blue “3Tree” Image.

I just love how this men’s t-shirt turned out that I designed! Such a beautiful and soft contrast with the the deep purple t-shirt and baby-blue image on the back of my painted “3Tree”
Available in all men’s sizes!
Thanks for the support friends 😊

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Hoodie “3 Trees Pink”

A beautiful Sapphire hire Blue Hoodie with my “3Trees” Image on the back. The contrast of these 2 colors sapphire blue and pink are perfect for this hoodie. Looks amazing and available in all sizes.
Thanks for the support and love friends.

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Hoodie “3 Trees Red”

A beautiful hoodie with my “3Trees” Image added on the back. I love how this design turned out. Looks great and available in all sizes.
Thanks for the support and love friends.

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Hoodie “Bike”

This beautiful deep purple hoodie includes a photo from my “Bike” series . This picture tells the story with a very kind older man, his chickens a path and myself. It’s a touching story in which I only know the ending that will be coming out in the near future. In understanding and knowing the story…you know the the real story I this picture and you are also a part of now…
Full story and ending will be published in the near future..
thank you for the love and support friends
Hoodies are available in any size.
Here is pat one of the story.

Available in any size.